What to Wear During Duck Hunting

What to Wear During Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is a popular activity in the United States, with approximately a million waterfowl being hunted each year. If you’re just getting started, there are a few clothing items you should be aware of and invest in to ensure the finest possible hunting experience.

  • In general, a base layer, a middle layer, a jacket, and hunting pants should be included in your hunting outfit. It’s not uncommon for people to layer hunting pants, but it’s not common. Depending on the temperature and level of activity, you can remove and add garments with this method.
  • Your hunting attire should also include a decent set of hunting boots and a helmet or a cap.

Waterfowl hunting attire:

We can further divide Waterfowl hunting into two different types:

  • decoy hunting
  • jump shooting

However, when duck hunting is mentioned, most people actually think of decoy hunting. This form of hunting necessitates three main qualities in your clothing: completely waterproof, able to provide you with enough warmth, and camouflage you within the environment.

Waterproof: Duck-hunting using decoys is usually performed beside a river or a lake, and this means that getting wet is inevitable. The waterproof layer of your clothing will prevent your body from getting wet and causing any induced illness. Adding to that, some people also hunt ducks in the rain. This clearly requires waterproof gear to have any chance of nailing the target without too much difficulty.

Warmth: The attire must also have enough layers to keep the hunter warm from not only the wetness but also the weather in general. The human body can perform optimally when it is warmed up appropriately.

Camouflage: This is the most crucial aspect of your hunting attire and ensures that your hunting experience goes smoothly. Ducks are known to have amazing vision and very keen eyesight on their environment. If the hunter loses his focus for even a few seconds, the ducks will avoid decoying into them. Therefore, the hunting attired must be covered in a pattern which can blend into the environment where the hunting is going to take place.


Because of inadequate preparation, more hunts are called off early. Nobody appreciates being out in the field in damp, soiled clothing or when they are too chilly. The layering approach has been found to be the most effective way to stay warm and comfortable while hunting. To be successful in your hunting, it’s critical to properly prepare your clothing for your search as well as the actually hunting.

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