Bushcraft Camping 101 | What is It & How to Survive in the Wild

what is bushcraft camping

Are you wondering with this question – ‘what is bushcraft camping?’ You may have friends who often talk about it and are into camping and wilderness survival.

We have come up with this blog to guide you with all you need to know about bushcrafting and its benefits. No knowledge is ever wasted and you must know that bushcrafting knowledge has a lot to offer you. The knowledge you gain from this topic will ultimately enhance your skill to thrive and adapt to the wilderness.

Keep on reading to discover the adventurous facts about bushcraft camping.

What is Bushcrafting?

The term ‘bushcraft’ means a set of skills as well as knowledge of various survival tools and techniques. Bushcraft features visual recognition, observation methods, and an overall sensitivity to every natural presence and objects in our environment.

Bushcraft allows you to adapt to the natural environment. It lets your senses feel the amazing wonders of nature.

Bushcraft camping will definitely get you adrenaline rush. As opposed to glamping, you do not carry things on your bushcraft camping, rather you survive on a minimal resource. You must have a bushcraft tarp as your survival shelter.

Is Bushcraft Camping for You?

I personally believe that bushcraft camping is for everyone or at least everyone should get access to it. The term ‘bushcraft’ might sound risky to some people that it may become less appealing and relatable to them.

You will find one group of people who call themselves true bushcrafters and on the other hand, there are another group of people who dabble. But it really doesn’t matter! Everyone can’t be an expert and bushcraft can be a fun thing for all of us. It all comes down to individual interest and ability.

Bushcrafting elements are part of all our lives. Foraging is a useful skill for bushcraft. Wild camping is also a part of bushcraft. If you can use a map in the wilderness, it’s also a bushcrafting skill.

Bushcraft camping also means you have to survive with the minimum amount of resources living off the land. Any of your survival skills will definitely be beneficial for bushcrafting.

Benefits of Bushcraft Camping

Some of the very important things that bushcraft camping teaches you are as follows:

Learning Survival Skills

Bushcrafting makes you realize how only a little amount of things is enough for you to survive. Eventually you will understand that you have a lot of things in your home that you actually don’t need to survive in this world.

Getting Close to the Nature

For adventure and wild enthusiasts like us, our knowledge of nature and environment will ultimately enhance our love for bushcrafting. You can deploy all your amazing skills when you practice bushcraft. While doing so, you’ll enjoy the time more amidst nature.
Your bushcraft experience will be more worthwhile with your skills like identifying the wild animals around their natural habitats, using maps to locate places in the wild, and many more.

Ability to Relax

If you’re having a busy life in the rush of the city – waking up early in the morning and hurrying to work until late night, you can use your time the best to relax in the serenity of nature by bushcrafting.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Do you love studying the tracks on the ground left by the wild animals? Then you must plan a bushcraft camping with your friends who share similar interests.
Besides, you’ll also enjoy bushcrafting a lot if you’re interested in knowing about different trees or plant names.

Learning to Appreciate Simple Things

Your busy life might not let you enjoy little things like cooking trout or frying eggs with bacon while camping, making a hot cup of coffee for yourself in nature. You should grab the opportunity of bushcrafting which allows you to make fire with natural tools and enjoy making simple food to fill your soul with joy.

Learning to Adapt

Most of us are so dependent on technology and machines for our day to day life. Bushcraft camping gives you the chance to learn to adapt in the wilderness and survive with the bare minimum.

Bushcraft Camping Gear

1. Knife

Knife is a paramount tool in the world of bushcrafting. For sharpening, shelling, and cutting, you can use a camping knife. Ensure that the knife is strong and durable enough.

2. Axe

If the size of the knife is not enough, you may opt for an axe. It will be useful when you’ll require to chop some wood up or remove any hindering vegetation.

3. Sleeping Bag

You must carry a lightweight sleeping bag with you. I personally prefer a goose-down bag. You can also choose a synthetic bag since they are cheaper and more robust.

4. Tarp

A decent-sized bushcraft tarp creates an excellent space under which you can not only sleep but also enjoy your time. It offers you more room than a tent as long as you know how to set up the shelter the right way. I always prefer a tarp to a tent for bushcraft camping.

5. Water Filter

You obviously need water to drink when you’re out in the wilderness. To keep yourself hydrated with safe water, always carry a water filter with you.

6. Kettle

Keep one kettle with you for a warm drink. A kettle is perfect for making a cup of hot tea over the campfire.

7. Fire Steel

Fire steels facilitate making fire easily and they are portable. It’s an efficient as well as cheap tool for bushcrafting.

8. Nylon Rope

A nylon rope can often be needed when you’re out on bushcraft camping. So don’t forget to bring one.

Final Thoughts

Bushcrafting is a fantastic experience for any person who is interested in wildlife. It will teach you adapting and survival skills in difficult situations. It also gives you an opportunity to enjoy time in the serene nature and stay away from the hustle of city life. Most importantly, it enriches your soul.
So are you already planning for bushcraft camping? Have some fun guys!

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