Can you shoot slugs through a modified choke?

Can you shoot slugs through a modified choke

To answer briefly, yes, it is definitely possible to shoot slugs through a choked shotgun that has been adjusted or modified. Even older models such as a Mossberg from the 1970s, with a fixed adjusted choke, actually shoots slugs better than the combo’s cylinder bore that are sighted “slug barrel.

Some other tested shotgun models include Fiocchi, Winchester (Forster type) and Sluggers from Remington. These can slug through either Modified chokes or cyl-bore style barrels (both 18 inches in measurement) for Remington shotguns, particularly the 870 Wingmasters.

Is it possible to shoot shotguns slugs through chokes?

It is not recommended to shoot slugs, or any other type of shot through a shotgun barrel, without first equipping a suitable choke. Doing so may destroy the threading. Choke tubes are detachable on modern smoothbore barrels. Choke tubes allow you to shoot a variety of different types of ammunition, including slugs. According to most shotgun users, any modern barrel in good condition will be suitable for shooting slugs and will not harm the barrel in any manner. When it comes to owners, manufacturers are aware of what they are up against.

A modified choke combined with Forster-style rifled slugs is a popular combo among many avid hunters. However, improved cylinder chokes, regular cylinder chokes and rifled choke tubes have been proven to be the best choke tubes for shooting slugs. These provide the least amount of constriction and offers great stability when firing.

Potential Drawbacks:

One point to consider is that the accuracy will be all over the place and may even be substantially decreased, but the rifle will not be damaged in any way.

Final verdict:

Finally, we’d like to point you that it mostly relies on the weapon! The same brand, model, and choke have all shot differently! Modified chokes are the finest overall, according to the late Don Zutz, a master of converting shotgun science into an art. However, this varies from gun to gun as previously stated, and experimentation is the best way to find out which choke works best for your gun. We must always formulate our opinions based on our own testing and results.

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