5 Best Chokes for Duck Hunting

Whether you’re a professional hunter or a hobbyist, you know the importance of having the right equipment for successful hunting. Even hours of training and practice can’t ensure your performance unless your equipment is good enough.

In the same way, getting the best choke for duck hunting is integral for excellent performance. However, the market is flooded with a whole lot of options for shotgun chokes with different constriction, styles, and ranges. So, how will you choose the perfect one for your shotgun model?

Here in this article, we have reviewed the top 5 highly-engineered duck hunting chokes. We have also included a buying guide for your convenience so that you can get enough idea about the chokes and how they work, especially if you’re a beginner.

Top 5 Chokes for Duck Hunting : Comparison Chart

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
Editor’s Choice Remington Rem Choke 12 GA. Extended Bundle Check Price
Also Great Browning Invector Plus Extended Choke Check Price
3rd MOJO 12 Gauge Outdoors Fatal Shot Choke Tube Check Price
4th Carlson’s Choke 12GA. Tube Browning Invector Check Price
5th Carlson’s Waterfowl Choke Set 07369 Check Price

How Does a Shotgun Choke Work?

Best Chokes for Duck Hunting

Chokes are typically used with the latest target and hunting shotguns. They enhance the performance of a shotgun by attaining better accuracy and range. Depending on the implementation process, the compression of a choke operates differently. When a shot-charge leaves its barrel, the choke’s constriction level will control its outspread and distance. As the travel range of the bullets increases, its destructive power decreases. In this case, your duck won’t face a quick humane death.

Therefore, before making any shot, you should understand the ability of your choke. Let the duck come in a good distance before pulling the trigger. You have to measure the distance of the duck and decide the choke tube with the required pattern at that travel range.

Duck Hunting Choke: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

1. Design & Material

The choke’s material determines its durability while its design determines the quality of the camouflage. Hence, the performance of your choke depends on its design. For increasing the camouflage, choose a black and matte oxidized choke for your gun. It will reduce the glare that might alert the ducks. For max durability, you may choose 17-4 grade stainless steel.

2. Constriction

Constriction is extremely important for any choke. It indicates the duration and strength of the choke while holding down the shot after opening. The pattern is also determined by the constriction. Constriction largely depends on your hunting ways and environment. For instance, if you hunt in an open and huge area, you’ll need a tight constriction in order to see the target from far. On the other hand, if you hunt in thick timbers, you’ll need a wide constriction.

3. Types of Hunting Chokes

There are about a dozen choke types for a shotgun. The most common ones include modified, light modified, improved modified, improved cylinder, full and light full choke.

Improved Cylinder (IC):

Most hunters traditionally prefer using a modified-choke with steel shot and an improved cylinder (IC). It provides a wider shot for closer targets. However, a full-choke is very narrow and suitable for only lead shots. A non-toxic gunshot is safe to be used in fixed although it’s suited for old choke barrels.


The best all-rounder choice for duck hunting is a modified choke. This type of chokes are extremely popular among the beginners. They show a proper balance between a cylinder choke and a full-choke.

Light Modified (LM):

A light modified choke comes with a basic constriction but it’s highly effective. For close-range targets, it quickly opens up and maintains a pattern density up to 40-yards. There are some light modified chokes that produce denser and more uniform patterns than modified chokes. These tubes are most effective at mid-range targets.

Improved Modified (IM):

Improved modified (IM) chokes are narrower than modified ones. However, they don’t constrict hard and non-toxic shots. These chokes offer you powerful shots that instantly kill the bird. For more pellets, an IM comes with the best constriction.
Unlike an IC, you don’t have to fear barrel damage with an IM. Improved modified chokes hold speed patterns at high-velocity loads like 1600 fps and 1700 fps.

Light Full (LF):

The light full (LF) is an uncommon choke type. You’ll find many ‘full’ chokes in today’s market which are nothing but light-full in construction. LF chokes are a safer choice for steel shots. They are most effective for high-flying ducks due to their denser patterns. It offers you more versatility compared to full chokes, IC, and modified chokes.

4. Flush Tube VS Extended Tube

If you’re a beginner, it could be a bit difficult for you to decide between flush tube and extended tube. You don’t need a tool for extended tubes. You can quickly remove and install them. Moreover, extended tubes offer gradual and uniform shots with correct patterns.
On the other hand, flush tubes can be more challenging to install and remove. Extended tubes perform better compared to a flush tube. So for getting the best result, we would recommend you to choose extended tube variation for your duck hunting choke.

5. Other Variables

There are some other variables that you must consider before buying a choke for your shotgun. Your choke should have a coating which will reduce the glare. It should not be shiny. Make sure it’s durable and can hold up to shock, wetness, and other abuses.

6. Budget

There are many choke models for duck hunting in the market, ranging from $30 to $100

1. Editor’s Choice: Remington Rem Choke 12 GA. Extended Bundle

The Remington Rem Choke Extended Bundle is particularly designed for tactical hunting purposes. You can use it with several Remington shotgun models.

This choke tube features an interchangeable choke system, which means you can use it for multiple purposes including sporting clays, trap, skeet, and wing shooting. Therefore, you can use these chokes with any type of hunting shotgun. It’s definitely one of the most versatile choke tubes we have tested.

The choke size is extra-full with a constriction of 0.670. It can use up to 12-gauge bullets. We were fully satisfied with its shooting performance during our test. Besides, this constriction makes the adjustment faster and more comfortable, which will ensure a more stable result for you.

Moreover, it features numerous ports and jagged teeth which help reduce muzzle rise, working as a muzzle brake. This exclusive and unique construction of this choke also aids consistent shot placement.

Additionally, it has a knurled-ring and extended length which makes its removal and insertion much easier and faster.

The Remington choke tube is also one of the most positively reviewed chokes on Amazon. What’s more, you can use this choke for both steel and lead shots.


  • Constriction: Extra full 0.670
  • Material: Solid Billet 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Choke Type: Modified
  • Shots: Lead shot
  • Cylinder: Improved cylinder
  • Choke Gauge: 12
  • Weight: 4 ounces


  • Fully modified
  • Improved cylinder
  • Highly durable
  • Versatile
  • Interchangeable choke system
  • Reduced muzzle rise
  • Useable for both lead and steel


  • Requires wrencher to remove the choke
  • Not sold separately

Our Verdict

The Remington Rem Choke Extended Bundle is a unique choke tube that you can also use with your home defense shotgun apart from the hunting ones. The high-quality material ensures that you will get a long years of hassle free performance from this choke tube. This one literally ticks all the boxes for becoming the best duck hunting choke. A big thumbs up!

2. Also Great: Browning Invector Plus Extended Choke

This Invector Plus Extended Choke from Browning is an awesome addition to their product line that you can get for your shotgun without breaking the bank. These chokes are the best fit for the newer back-bored shotgun models.

This choke can extend to the barrel’s end for a super easy removal as well as tighter patterns. Its banded gas-seal eliminates the residual build-ups to facilitate the removal process and easy installation of the choke. As a result, the efficiency of the choke increases.

Additionally, the integrated spring-suspension holds your seal so tight but it still allows a perfect fit by expanding against the barrel’s wall. It ensures a smooth and easy transition of the shot-column that enters the choke.

We were impressed with its highly polished construction that makes it extremely durable and enhances its performance as well. It’s made of industry standard 17-4 stainless steel.

Moreover, the extra-long choke taper creates great patterns along with outstanding uniform densities. At a longer range, this extended choke tube offers you almost 20% more pattern density. Besides, the angled ports efficiently reduce muzzles by channeling the pressure outwards.

Furthermore, you can use every type of shot with this choke, including steel, lead, copper-plate lead, bismuth, and hevi-shot. With 0.708 constriction, it can perform so well for hunting from a distance at 40 yards.


  • Constriction: 0.708
  • Material: Solid Billet 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Choke Type: Modified
  • Choke Pattern Percentage: 35%-65%
  • Length: 0.02″
  • Choke Gauge: 12
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Longer choke taper
  • Integrated spring suspension
  • Optimum performance
  • Highly polished
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Tighter pellets pattern


  • Not suitable for close-range shooting

Our Verdict

Our award for the best choke for duck hunting at the most reasonable price goes to the Browning Invector Plus Extended Choke. It ensures ultimate durability with its high-quality construction. It’s compatible with most of the shotgun models in the market including the brands like Mossberg, Winchester, Browning, Benelli, and Beretta. With its extended ported options, it’s a great option for an optimum hunting performance.

3. MOJO 12 Gauge Outdoors Fatal Shot Choke Tube

MOJO has worked a great deal in developing unique duck hunting patterns. They have introduced this MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Choke Tube for hunters who need some more yards for a successful hunting season.

This one is mainly designed for waterfowl hunting. It offers you all three shooting ranges unlike most other chokes at this price point.

Moreover, it’s compatible with 12-gauge bullet size. You can use this choke ideally with shotguns that offer optimum performance. The best quality of this choke tube is its amazing ability for both steel and lead shots. Therefore, it saves you the hassle and extra expenses of using multiple chokes for different shots.

As far as your convenience is concerned, the MOJO Outdoors is the best out there. It delivers denser and more uniform patterns with a consistent impact point which results in cleaner, quicker, and higher number of hunts.

What’s more, this choke comes with a lifetime guarantee. The 17-4 ph stainless steel makes this gear an exceptionally strong one. This material also reduces the risk of corrosion or rust even at a high temperature.

Overall, it has got positive reviews from the users without any significant drawback. However, we find it more suitable for professional hunters rather than beginners. A beginner will require more practice with this choke to get habituated.


  • Constriction: 0.660
  • Material: 17-4ph stainless steel
  • Choke Type: Modified
  • Shots: lead shot, buck shot, steel shot
  • Flush Choke Length: 2¾ in
  • Choke Gauge: 12
  • Weight: 2.89 Ounces


  • Well-built structure
  • Comfortable to use
  • Extremely versatile
  • Comes with all ranges
  • Quiet execution of shots
  • Uniform pellets distribution
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not the best for beginners

4. Carlson’s Choke 12GA. Tube Browning Invector

This choke is a new addition in Carlson’s product line and it’s already ruling over the market. This Browning Invector tube uses different technologies for its built, design, and efficiency.

It offers an outstanding downrange energy. It uses a 12-gauge bullet size like the MOJO outdoors choke tube. With a combination of middle and long range shootings, hunters of all levels will get the optimum performance from this choke.

The most unique feature of this Cremator Choke is the TST (Triple Shot Technology). There are three graduated-rings in the choke’s taper section. These rings help a gradual transition of the bore for the constriction.

Besides, this newly designed choke offers fewer flyers, more dense patterns, and reduced pellet deformation. You will get these settings in all close, mid, and long range constrictions.

We love the fact its parallel section is 25% longer which ensures that there are no speed or size restrictions when you use it for steel shot. This feature makes this choke ideal to use the entire season on every type of duck.

Similar to the Browning Invector Plus Extended Choke, this Carlson’s model is made of heat-proof 17-4 Stainless Steel which protects it from any damage. Shock-proof materials used to build this choke also enhances its performance to some extent. The copper-plated choke tube also ensures a tighter pattern.


  • Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Choke Type: Modified
  • Mid-Range Diameter: 0.725
  • Long-Range Diameter: 0.715
  • Choke Length: 4 inches
  • Choke Gauge: 12
  • Weight: 5.11 Ounces


  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Great for mid and long range shooting
  • Extended choke tube
  • Extra tight patterns
  • Easy removal and installment


  • Not suitable for small range hunting

5. Carlson’s Waterfowl Choke Set 07369

You will get three types of choke tubes with this Carlson’s Waterfowl Choke Set. They vary from each other by range and you can choose which one to use according to the size and distance of your prey.

The best thing about this choke set is that you can use them for close-range, mid-range, and long-range- all types of shootings! With the close-range tube, you can use decoys to practice shooting. You have to keep it within 35-yards of range to get the best result.

When you use the mid-range tube, you can keep the range between 25-yards to 40-yards. This tube’s constriction is a tad tighter than the close-range tube. We love this one more because it’s guaranteed that this choke will kill your duck without any damage.

For the long-range choke, you can even shoot from longer than 40-yards distance. This tube offers the tightest pattern with optimum pattern density.

Each of these chokes has a knurling pattern at the end which facilitates stronger grip and ensures instant death of your prey. Additionally, it makes installation and removal of this choke super easy.

These chokes also have a Browning Invector-Plus thread pattern like our previous Carlson’s choke model. It’s also extremely durable with its preheated 17-4 stainless steel construction.


  • Constriction: Close-range, mid-range, long-range
  • Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Choke Type: Modified
  • Shots: Lead shot, steel shot
  • Thread pattern: Winchester Super x2, Browning Invector-Plus
  • Length: 3 inches
  • Choke Gauge: 12
  • Weight: 9.81 Ounces (pack of 3)


  • Comes with all ranges
  • No size restriction
  • Quick removal and easy installation
  • Throws consistent patterns
  • Extremely versatile
  • Durable
  • Browning Invector-Plus thread pattern


  • Not extended type choke tube

Our Verdict

All in all, the Carlson’s Waterfowl Choke Set is an excellent option for hunters for its versatility. You can shoot targets from any distance by choosing the right pattern choke from the set. It’s also pocket-friendly. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, we will highly recommend this all-in-one pack for an easier and more successful hunting experience.

Benefits of Using a Choke for Hunting Ducks

Best Chokes for Duck Hunting

Better Range:

A choke doesn’t open up your shot until it reaches the perfect distance. So, your fired shot travels a longer distance and range. Thus it increases the range and hunting opportunities for you.

Inexpensive Alternative:

As we mentioned before, chokes increase the range and accuracy of your shots. A choke is highly beneficial to reduce your chances of missing a shot.

Better result:

If you’re a beginner, then a choke can be a great addition to your hunting equipment. It will take your hunting setup to the pro level and keep you dedicated.

Shotgun Choke Using Tips for Duck Hunting

  1. Inspect your barrel and choke after every use.
  2. Open a choke to modified or light-modified for better performance in the field.
  3. Ensure that there isn’t any swelling or bulging in the barrel.
  4. Always shot larger shot sizes through a light-modified or modified choke.
  5. Use the right sized bullets for that specific choke and gun.
  6. Pattern your gun according to your ammo and choke.
  7. Try preseason practice with your choke.
  8. Don’t use a full-choke for decoying waterfowls.
  9. You can take classes for shooting if you’re a beginner.

It’s Time to Wrap Up

To sum up, you’re likely to have a better idea by now about a duck hunting choke and its importance to enhance your hunting skill. If you’re a pro, you can use a choke for many other hunting purposes too other than only duck hunting. However, decide wisely on which choke you want to invest. Remember that the best choke for duck hunting will not only knock down many birds but also kill them quickly and ethically.

All the five chokes that we reviewed here are extremely durable. You will enjoy successful hunting experience for years with these shotgun chokes. Choose the one that will meet both your needs and budget.

Happy hunting folks!


1. What type of shotgun chokes are the most open?
Ans: Among the shotgun choke types, a cylinder choke features the least amount of constriction. Its barrel bore’s diameter and opening has a really narrow difference. As a result, the pellets it releases spread widely. That’s why a regular cylinder-choke works the best for close ranges.

2. How do I measure the size of a shotgun choke?
Ans: You can measure the size of your shotgun choke by patterning its shots. You may shoot from a 30 yard distance and then notice the density of the shot. If you’re not confident, take help from a gunsmith. Also, for modified chokes, you can identify the size from the notches on its rim.

3. Which choke offers the tightest pattern of shots?
Ans: The higher the restriction, the tighter the shot pattern will be. Compared to most other choke types, a full choke offers the tightest shot patterns. When you shot from 40-yards with a full choke, about 70% shot pellets will hit a 30-inch circle’s interior.

4. What is the best choke size for hunting ducks?
Ans: It actually depends on your shooting length. For 30 to 40 yards shooting length, you should use a modified choke or improved cylinder. They discharge the shot pellets with a medium dispersion. For a long range shooting, use a full-choke for the best result. Don’t choose a full-choke for close range.

5. Can I use a shotgun choke for other hunting purposes?
Ans: Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll need to use the same shotgun choke for various hunting purposes. Hence, you should check whether it’s a suitable fit for different other functions apart from duck hunting.

6. Can lead shot be used for hunting ducks?
Ans: No, because it was banned in the USA in 1991. Leads can infect the water and other waterfowls that will ingest the water will die of poisoning. Plus, it can cause some fatal diseases. That’s why it’s prohibited and you can’t use lead shots for hunting ducks.

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